Has anyone else noticed how Mauricio has been hogging the blog ’cause we sure have? It’s Cat Scouts this and Cat Scouts that. And then there is all the prattling on about his girlfriend Allie.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we think Allie is a sweetie-pie and are super happy that she likes Mauricio enough to have him as her boyfriend. It does keep him out of our furs when he’s at Campfire with her.

And we are even more pleased that he is a Cat Scout. That, along with his calming collar, has made it much easier to put up with him enjoy his company. (OK, that may be pushing it just a little! Sorry.)

Lily Olivia takes a turn on the Ham-mick.

Lily Olivia takes a turn on the Ham-mick.

Anyway, we lady-cats are highjacking the blog for today. We don’t have anything particular to tell you about. It was pretty quiet and boring around here while the humans were in Paris. Of course, we spent most of the 11 days napping.

We were able to watch the birds and squirrels from the kitchen windows…until they emptied the feeders. We had a few instances of the “cat crazies,” which Maggie had to tell the pawrents about. Yeash! She takes good care of us, but she can be a party pooper. And, since all but Lily and Giulietta were fitted with calming collars prior to the desertion, we didn’t break any lamps…or anything else for that matter.

Chris came one day to clean so that was a little bit of excitement. Fiona, as usual, spent the entire time UTB. And we spent the following days trying to dirty things up again.

We cannot understand how Astrid found this a comfy place to nap.

We cannot understand why Astrid knocked over the photos and then selected that most uncomfortable spot for a nap. (But then we don’t understand much about Astrid.)

We had expected the solar workmen to be here while the humans were gone, but our panels were delivered to the wrong city, so they didn’t get started until two days before Mom and Dad got home. They come back Wednesday to hook everything up, and then all should be peaceful again for awhile. At least until John comes to start painting the guest room. John has spent lots of time here both inside and outside, and we like him a lot so we won’t mind that project too much. We bet he closes the door so we don’t put painty paw prints all over the room. Phooey!

Giulietta and Fiona in their usual positions.

Giulietta and Fiona in their usual positions.


So that’s it for our “no” news. We are glad to have Mom and Dad back where they belong. They have promised us that they have no plans for any trips in the immediate future, except the 24-hour kind. Not that we are fond of those!

Mom says she’ll show some photos of Paris in an upcoming blog. She does have one planned for Wordless Wednesday.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo