Astrid and Lisbeth’s Birthday Gift from Dad

kittiesDad finished our birthday gift he was building: Kitty climbing shelves within our catio. They are PAWSOME! It seems as if some of our fursibs are taking to them more quickly than we are. Treats and nip were added as enticements with the hope we’d explore. Fiona and Mauricio “jumped” right to it. We are pretty embarrassed by their behavior. After all, we are kitties and not trained seals.

We kitties need to play hard to get. We must turn up our noses and walk away when we are given something new. Then we will investigate when no one is watching. If we find the gift meets with our approval, we will use it only when the humans aren’t present. In two weeks or so we might allow them to know we like it.

Mauricio and Fiona broke the Kitty Code of Indifference. And we have photographic proof.




There is a third set of shelves on the other end of the catio. That makes nine shelves in total—one for each of us and a spare. That better not mean those sneaky humans plan to bring home another cat. (Note from the Mom: Even if I wanted to invite another kitty to join our family, your dad would never allow it. So not to worry, kitties!)

The birthday present from Mom is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday so the celebration will continue! But that’s not all. We have two boxes waiting to be opened—one from Charles (Lisbeth’s boyfriend) and one from Sampy (Astrid’s boyfriend). Both boxes arrived yesterday. Mom said we can open one today and one tomorrow. This is the best birthday ever, and we’ll be sharing more about it in future posts.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid and Lisbeth