Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #110

Our completions of the sentences to be filled in are in teal italics.

1. Mom Janet: My favorite scent is vanilla.
    Kitties Blue: My Our favorite scent is stinky goodness.


2. Mom Janet: I hope to catch up on reading and commenting on our friends’ blogs this weekend.
Kitties Blue:  I We hope to be able to spend time on the catio watching bird and squirrel TV this weekend. It has been much too hot for this lately.


3. Mom Janet: The sound of ocean waves is music to my ears.
Kitties Blue: The sound of a can of stinky goodness or a treat container being opened is music to my our ears.


Treat Time

Treat Time


4. Mom Janet: Home is where I feel most comfortable and like to spend my time.
Kitties Blue: Home is where we receive noms and love, have our toys and boxes and enjoy bird and squirrel TV and taking over our humans’ bed. We are thankful to have a home and not have to live at a shelter or outside fending for ourselves.


Dad got a new pressure washer and left the boxes in the foyer for us. Thanks, Dad!


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