Cooper Murphy’s Audition for “The Voice”


Cooper Murphy at his The Voice audition.

“‘I ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.’ No, wait, that can’t be right! I think I need to start over.”

“‘Baby let me be your lovin’ teddy bear/Put a chain around my neck/And lead me anywhere/Oh, let me be/(Oh, let him be)/Your teddy bear. I don’t wanna be a tiger/’Cause tigers play too rough/I don’t wanna be a lion/’Cause lions ain’t the kind you love enough.’ Well, I know that’s just wrong. I give up. Guess I’ll just stand here channeling my inner Elvis and looking handsome.”

Allie & Mau Audition for “So You Think You Can Dance

Allie and I have on our Sandy and Danny Rydell High costumes. Mom said we couldn’t wear the sexy ones, as this is a family blog.

Allie and Mau audition for So, You Think You Can Dance.

We are going to do the jitterbug for our audition.

If you have any doubts about our abilities, here’s our official photo from the 2014 Cat Scout Sock Hop Dance Contest. We didn’t win a trophy, like Astrid and Sampson did, but you’ll have to admit, we have all the right moves.



We’ll let you know how we do on our auditions…well, actually, we are just pretending. The Elvis costume and Sandy and Danny “Grease” costumes were just for this month’s birthday party at Cat Scouts.

And, in all honesty, if any Kitties Blue was to try out for “The Voice,” it would be Mau.