No…It’s Rocky the flying squirrel. Or, at least, a distant relative.

Even though eight feisty felines live here, we have two incredibly fearless squirrels whose home base is our yard. It is not surprising as we have three bird feeders which are kept full with sunflower seeds. And we all know how much squirrels love the challenge of a birdfeeder.

Some humans get excited, and often even hysterical, when they see a squirrel on their bird feeder. We too get excited, but for the opposing reason. We provide those seeds so the kitties will be constantly entertained by the munching and antics of both the birdies and the squirties.

Squirrels provide entertainment from the tree.

Squirrels provided entertainment from the tree for Fiona, Giulietta, Calista Jo and Lisbeth.

In the past year, I have shared numerous squirrel photos, many featuring Lisbeth, our resident squirrel aficionado. I even acknowledged National Squirrel Appreciation Day for my friend, Mary Jane, who is “nutty” for squirrels. 

(A comment heard from the “peanut” gallery: “Did she just type that? She didn’t really think that was funny did she? Wait, she did it again. She is so lame if she thinks anybody is going to laugh.”)

Not surprisingly, a few days ago, the squirrels were putting on quite a show to amuse those hanging out on the catio. They were chasing each other up, down, around and through the catio-adjacent tree. They were even holding paws with the tree trunk between them.

Prior to that, however, they were doing some high wire tricks. Mind you, the kitties can do these same tricks and often do when they see a particularly nommy bug on the screen. They just can’t do them upside down and spread-eagle like the squirrels!

At first Lisbeth didn't even know the squirrel was there.

At first Lisbeth didn’t even know the squirrel was there.

Then she noticed him.

Then both she and Calista spotted him.

Finally, she made her move, as Calista Jo, Fiona and  looked on.

Finally, she made her move, as Calista Jo, Fiona and Giulietta looked on.

After much ado by both cats and squirrels, all went to their own corners for…what else…naps, of course.

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