Sunday Selfies: Week #367

Bad Mom forgot to schedule this before she went to bed! Sorry…



Wow, I look intense. I was probably thinking about my boyfriend, Angel Charles. I do that a lot.

This is a post of a few words, as my typist has an injured hand, thanks to Cooper Murphy. I think he’s trying to set up the groundwork to enter the Golden AssRabbit Awards in 2022. He loves to get brushes and chin scritches, and he gets miffed if Mom stops before he’s ready. He put the bitey on Mom’s hand yesterday, which now has four fang holes and is swollen and bruised. I don’t know what’s up with the boys at our house. I’ve never bitten or scratched Mom.

Hopping Time

Since I am not asking Mom to type much, it’s already your turn to participate in the blog hop. You know we appreciate and look forward to your participation each week as do all your fans, friends and admirers. So, please take a selfie and add it to our hop through the link below. We really want to see your sweet face.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth