Sunday Selfies: Week #359

Cooper Murphy was kind enough to pose for a selfie today, and let me dress it up for the 4th of July.


Independence Day


Sawyer — No News

The fireworks of the last few nights, and the ones that I know will continue for many nights to come, are yet another deterrent to our being able to locate Sawyer. Add the fact that, as of this morning, he will be eight days without any seizure meds, and our odds decrease even more.

Each day I try to do something constructive to help in securing Sawyer’s return. Yesterday I made this two-sided sign for our front yard.



Though we have been putting up and handing out posters in our neighborhood, I wish I had thought of the sign a week ago, as we live on the most traveled street in our area.

Dad Tom and I appreciate everyone who has been purring and praying for Sawyer and sharing the Facebook and Instagram posts as well as those put out by the various lost pet organizations.

Hopping Time

Please join us for our Sunday Selfies blog hop and then enjoy your 4th of July celebrations. But if you aren’t vaccinated, don’t forget to wear your mask and social distance.

Many people and animals suffer injuries on the 4th of July due to humans’ mishandling fireworks. Please celebrate responsibly and stay safe today. Keep all pets inside in a quiet environment. The noise of fireworks can be quite stressful and frightening for our beloved fur children.