Sunday Selfies: Week #111

We have a guest host this week. After seeing Misty May’s selfie last week, he asked if he could post a tongue selfie. How could we refuse. Everybody loves a good tongue-out photo. If we’d known, however, that he was going to inappropriately use his tongue to pick his nose, we might have demurred.


longhorn tongue selfie


We have to admit this is a pretty impressive talent, even if a bit gross, but it is not the most impressive thing about this guy. Check this out!


Longhorn tongue selfie


Dad Tom helped this guy with his selfie. His legs weren’t long enough to hold the camera at a far enough distance to get those horns in the photo.

Cat4-001So now you’ve seen our submission for this week. Pop your selfie on the hop and take a few minutes to stop by at least some of the of the other participants. We apologize that we never seem to make it around to visit all the participants each week. Regardless, we sure are hoping you’ll continue to hop each week.

The link to add your selfie to the hop is below as is the code to add the hop to your blog should you so desire. If you do, please include our badge and/or link back to The Cat on My Head.

Thanks again for participating in our hop and supporting us. The kitties at I think y’all are meowvolously pawsome.