Thankful Thursday

We are super thankful that Sawyer went more than a week without a seizure, as he’s been having one every four to six days for quite a while. He has a vet appointment Friday for his annual exam, vaccinations and blood work to check his medication levels. I am particularly thankful for this, as it is almost impossible to get an appointment these days.

I am thankful for the opportunity to go to lunch with a friend yesterday. We each have had one dose of the vaccine and are looking forward to getting the second dose and eventually seeing each other more frequently.

Dad Tom and I are thankful for the entertainment Kizmet provides. She’s a little monkey and always into something. 




Kitties Blue and I are grateful always for all our friends, followers and supporters.

Thankful Thursday is a blog hop hosted each week by Brian. We participate, as it is important to remind ourselves of the good things in our lives, especially during these uncertain and trying times. If you’d like to join the hop, post on your blog for what you are thankful, then click on Brian’s badge.

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Thursday also is when we write a poem for the Two Spoiled Cats, Teddy and Angel Sammy’s, poetry challenge. They provide an inspiration photo as a jumping off place for participants. Here’s today’s photo and my poem.




Imagination vs. Transportation

Someone must live in this unique car,
As on the road it won’t go far.
The creator had lots of imagination,
Including a helicopter for transportation.
I’d like to get a look inside
To see how the interior was modified.
Then learn more about the creator
And maybe the interior decorator.
It would be fun to know the motivation
For this crazy and unusual creation!

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 02/10/2021

Angel Sammy is the poet at Two Spoiled Cats. He transmits his poem to Teddy from the Rainbow Bridge. Sammy is any amazing poet, and whether or not you participate by writing a poem, you should visit the boys’ blog and read Sammy’s creation. You can do that by clicking on the badge below.