It’s time for another editon of Sammy’s Throughly Poetic Thursday. This week our prompt letter is “I.” Kitties Blue and I thought it would be pretty hard to come up with a good poem using “I”, but it turned out okay, we think. And Fiona has put together a few photos to accompany the poem. (She has her monthly CKD check-up tomorrow and could use a few extra purrs and prayers. I am praying she’s gained a little weight and her numbers are down. She’ll let you know the results of her exam on Caturday or Sunday.)


Nothing is Impossible if we use Imagination…
Problems can be solved and poetry written.
Imagination can take you anywhere
Even if you never leave your chair.
A house cat can become a jungle king.
A kitten can believe she can do anything.
The cat tower becomes the tallest tree
As she scrambles to the top…1, 2, 3!
A dancing feather toy is a bird on high
Letting kitty run and jump and almost fly.
A little catnip can boost Imagination,
Turning a dreamer into a media sensation,
Like Morris, Lil Bub or Grumpy Cat
Or maybe even another The Cat in The Hat.
The Imaginative cat can do the Impossible
Even if his human finds it Implausible.
Imagination is truly a wondrous thing.
Adventures you can have will make your heart sing.
So get up from your nap, have a little bit of nip
And take yourself on an Imaginative trip.




Wordless Wednesday Explained

As the Olympics and Pawlympics are currently being contested and it is the 20th Anniversary of the Atlanta Olympics, our Mom thought it might be fun to share a few Olympic photos. Here’s the short version of the Olympic story: Mom was a scorekeeper and Dad was a referee for the indoor volleyball competition. At the conclusion of the Olympics Mom took over as the chair of the USA/International Scorekeepers Commission for USA Volleyball. She trained, certified and assigned scorekeepers to International Events contested in the U.S.  She served in that position for 12 years. Here are two posts with some additional information:   TOM SELLECK AND A LIEBSTER AWARD NOMINATION and HOME ALONE AGAIN.

We’ll be back tomorrow for Friendly Fill-Ins.