Sunday Selfies: Week #486

The hop is now open. I apologize for not checking and getting it up earlier!


A grey cat displays an "if looks could kill" expression in a selfie framed in Christmas greenery, ornaments and bows.


So, I know this expression is what human’s call, “if looks could kill,” but I am not grumpy or mad. I was, however, facing the window when I snapped this, and the sun made me squint.

Believe me, I have nothing to be miffed about. Mom has already wrapped several presents for all us Kitties Blue and put them under the tree. And, I saw a box in the foyer, which I know has something in it our dad ordered for us. You see, absolutely nothing gets past me. I carefully inspect everything that comes into the house. Mom can never get a Cat Lady box past me. I know cat toys are in it just waiting for me to put the bitey on them. If you didn’t know this, check out the posts, “Who Took My Toys” and “Kizmet’s Cat Lady Box.”

And…Tuesday is my Gotcha Day! Life is good, and I am a very fortunate kitty. Mom continues to request that I get off the table while she is wrapping gifts, but, as I said, nothing gets past me. I am certain Santa will forgive these minor transgressions.

Hop Along Time

I’ve shown you my selfie, and now it is time to share your selfie with me, the other Kitties Blue and your many friends. If you want to fancy it up for the holidays, that would be cool, but, of course, not necessary. And don’t worry if you cannot participate today. I’ll be right here waiting for you through Thursday, except while I’m celebrating that Gotcha Day on Tuesday. I sure hope you’ll join me again then.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have an easy Sunday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Kizmet