Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Sometimes when photos “speak” to me, I find that I need very few words to express my feelings. That was the case with today’s inspiration photo.


Waiting for Autumn


Autumn is my favorite season. I just wish winter didn’t follow. My contribution to Angel Sammy and Teddy’s poetry day is another haiku.

A walk through the woods
On a cool, crisp autumn day
My heaven on earth

© Janet Buickerood Blue 09/12/2018

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday Each week Angel Sammy sends an always-worth-reading poem from the Rainbow Bridge to be posted at Two Spoiled Cats. Click on his badge to jump over there and read it. He’s the MASTER, and you won’t regret the time spent. You also will find links to other poems in the Comment section.

If you haven’t attempted a poem, give it a try. It doesn’t need to be long or elaborate. Here’s a web-site that can help you out if you have poetry phobia: Shadow Poetry.

Thankful Thursday

In addition to writing a poem each Thursday, we join Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. It is important to count our blessings everyday, and we appreciate Brian giving us the opportunity to do that and hop as well.

Our biggest thankful is that Hurricane Florence has made a turn and is heading in a more southernly direction. It was looking as we would take a direct hit, but now we just expect gobs and gobs of rain. (Does rain come in gobs?) The following photo may provide an answer.

This is the site for our addition after three inches of rain Tuesday night.


Waiting for construction


I will be praying for all those in the path of this 400-mile-wide storm.

Dad Tom and I are both grateful that since increasing Sawyer’s new medication he has not had a seizure. Of course, we cannot rule out the chance of him having one at anytime, but I am beginning to feel less anxious and worried.

It warms our hearts that LadyMum Sherri-Ellen was able to adopt of little, six-year-old, black panfur kitty. BellaDharma was adopted twice previously but returned to the shelter. We are thankful that she finally has a forever and loving home at the Purrfect Pad.

Finally, Kitties Blue are thankful that I remembered on Tuesday to visit Two Spoiled Cats, as we were one of five first commenters and received this colorful badge.

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Thankful Thursday

* Waiting for autumn, construction to begin, Hurricane Florence…