by Janet Blue on August 10, 2012

I have been away from home for a few days visiting my dear friend Elizabeth who moved to Richmond a few months ago. I didn’t write that I was going as I am one of those paranoid people who worry about intruders while I’m gone. My neighbors across the street always know when we are away, however, as they don’t see Lily Olivia. In an attempt to stay away from Mauricio and Misty May, she spends most of her daylight time across the street. In fact, they will chase her across the street in order to get rid of her!

Maggie from PlayTime Pet Sitting came twice per day to feed, water and scoop. As I was only gone a few days, the house wasn’t even trashed. Giulietta and Fiona were both naked, having removed their collars. Newspapers were strewn on the dining room floor. Three stuffed mascots littered the upstairs hall floor. And a small porcelain box from my night table, that often gets thrown to the floor and emptied, was there again. I continue to be amazed that it remains unbroken. Finally, as always, the dining room curtains were pulled down to give more kitties space on the sill to “read the news.” As yet, that’s all I have found. I am certain they have hidden some throw-up somewhere. Our household motto is: A day without throw-up is a day without cats. Did I say the house wasn’t trashed?

I told Maggie she could let the kitties out on the catio during the day, but they remained inside, which makes the minimal mess even more surprising. She thought it was too hot one of the days and was fearful that one or more might jump from the unenclosed upper deck, so she contained them. Squirrels have jumped off and raccoons have climbed up and down the screen to gain access to kitty food, but no cat has ever taken the leap. If neither Astrid nor Fiona have tried it, I don’t think we have anything to worry about. But Maggie needs to do what feels right to her, and they are cats after all, so who knows what “acrocatic” feat they might attempt next.

Mauricio began telling “whoppers” when he was a youngster.

It must have been a very uneventful few days as Mauricio, who usually never stops talking, has been silent. Either all the cats slept their days away or he was the instigator of mischief and doesn’t want to rat on himself.

My time away was like a mini-vacation as Elizabeth’s house is on a pond, she’s an incredible cook and I had an entire bed to myself. But I am glad to be back with my little shadows and their routine.

As promised in my last post, the next post will be “ARE CATS SMARTER THAN HUMANS.”

P.S. As I finish writing this all cats are outside except Fiona. She is sitting on my lap getting “lovies” and “rubbies” and covering my clothes with the cat fur they have been without for a couple of days. Yep…I’m home.

Meredith August 13, 2012 at 5:10 pm

Aww, you’re the absolute best, JB! It was so fun talking to you last week. I bet the kitties have been really happy to have you back.

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