We had a post planned for yesterday, but our server was once again under “brute force attack” and still is, so here we are a day late with a work-around. Agh!

Anyway, part of yesterday’s post will wait for next Sunday. Here is the remainder of what was planned.

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A week ago today, one of Mau’s friends from Cat Scouts, Nick, left for the RB. Nick was only three years old and had been diagnosed with lymphoma. Another Scout, Tiger, has taken the lead in a service project in memory of Scout Nick. She has set up a fundraiser with the beneficiary being Dr. Leslie Lyons’ (an associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery) scientific research into the feline genome.



This research will help determine the genetic causes of diseases like Nick’s and eventually lead to a cure.

This project is very close to our hearts, as our angel brofur, Madison, was diagnosed with lymphoma just 13 days before leaving for the RB. And another kitty, most of you know, currently is suffering from this disease: Gracie at Manx Mnews. (We tried to link to the post with Gracie’s diagnosis, but could not, so after clicking on the link, you can search “Grim News” on their blog for additional information.)


If you are able, please make a donation in memory of Nick or in honor of Gracie if you rather. No amount is too small. Click here for more info and to make a donation.

If you can’t make a donation, please keep Gracie in your prayers as well as our friend Moosey at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life and Merlin at Cat Wisdom 101. Moosey has a condition known as hyperaldosteronism or Conn’s Syndrome. Merlin is suffering from a serious UTI. Test results are pending.