Mom had a really blurry photo of me that she decided to use for today’s art project. I asked if she would please do something romantic that my boyfriend, Cat Scout Charles, would like.

She decided to use a photo editing program we hadn’t tried in a while: Ribbet. Here is our creation for this week.




First, Mom selected this textured effect from a whole bunch of available textures. These did not have names. Then she added the polished mirror frame in a pale pink to match my nose color. Last was the Heart’s Desire effect, which added a glow around my face.

I’m pretty excited to be featured on the blog for the second day in row, especially as you don’t get to see that much of me.

DesireThis is the original blurry photo.

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Finally, we will be hosting our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop tomorrow. We had our best ever turnout last week with a total of 57 submissions (including our own).

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Hope to see you tomorrow.

Purrs and paw-pats (with kisses for Charles), Lisbeth