Feline/Friendship Friday

June 4 is Hug Your Cat Day, sometimes referred to as National Hug Your Cat Day. It’s an unofficial holiday offering cat parents/caregivers the purrfect opportunity to express a little extra love to their furry companions.

None of Kitties Blue are particularly fond of hugs, but Dad Tom and I each scored one.


Hug Your Cat Day


Tom and Cooper Murphy’s hug is a bit more of a hold, but that’s what happens when your cat weighs in at 19+ pounds.

I got my hug from Calista Jo, which was a bit more traditional; though, I had to keep a firm hold on her.

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Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #262

Friday again, which means it is time for those fill-ins hosted by Ellen from 15 And Meowing and Lorianne from Four-Legged Furballs. Sawyer stepped up again to help me with fill-ins this week. Both my fill-ins and his are in teal italics.

1. Our former President creeps me out.

2. I could use a refresher class in time management.

3. Sawyer: Life would be much simpler if I didn’t have seizures.

4. I would like to go on a vacation, but first I have to find someone to care for Sawyer 24/7.

Friendly Fill-ins is a blog hop. You can find the sentences to be filled in on Ellen and Lorianne’s blogs on Thursdays. Click on their badge to join the hop.

We’ll be back again tomorrow for Caturday Art.