Birthday Party

Today is my birthday. I am three years old and the youngest of the family. I feel very fortunate that Mom didn’t forget my birthday as she has so many of the others.

I asked for a Princess Party. Mom delivered with the help of Mauricio. Mauricio is the Birthday Master for the Wolverine Patrol at Cat Scouts. He is well-known for his elaborate parties and cakes.

Here’s the cake he made me. Please help yourselves.




We also have lots of other noms: fresh fruits, sandwiches, cookies, lemonade, fresh nip, shrimps, fried chicken and bacon. I know it is a rather eclectic menu, but I wanted to try to have something for efurrybuddy.









I have party favors for the girls. Please take a tiara home with you.



Mom wants to share a few of my kitten photos with you to show what an itty-bitty girl I was. Look how huge Astrid looks (upper left photo) sitting next to me. Now I am about twice her size.



As today is Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop, I asked Mom to make me a fancy, princess, birthday photo that I could enter. I hope you like it. It’s a bit different than our usual art. To enter the Caturday Art Blog Hop or view the other entries, click on Athena’s badge.





I asked Mom if we could have a giveaway today to celebrate my birthday. She cannot deny me anything as I am her baby. We will select a winner from those who leave a comment here by Wednesday, June 24, at 4 p.m. EDT, using Random.org. No restrictions on location. Mom says she’ll mail anywhere.

You are probably wondering what we are giving away. Well, Mom was going to show you a photo, but I asked if it could be a surprise. I’ll be sending some things our humans got at BlogPaws as well as some of the items Mom put in goody bags for our friends at BlogPaws.


Father’s Day Selfies

Cat4-001We’ll be celebrating Father’s Day tomorrow on our blog hop. Please feel free to share your selfie with your dad or let him have the spotlight all to himself. Of course, we know that some of you don’t have dads, so this is not a requirement to enter. We just thought it would be nice to show our dad some love and give y’all the opportunity to do so as well.

Thanks for joining me for my party today. See y’all tomorrow.

Purrs and paw-pats, Calista Jo