Thankful Thursday

One would suspect that we have absolutely nothing for which to be thankful today. But that isn’t true. Dad Tom and I are thankful for all of those around the world who love Sawyer and are purring and praying for him. That support is keeping us going. 

As each day passes, the chances of his survival and getting home dwindle significantly. As of 11 a.m. today, he is five days without his seizure meds.

Though Sawyer is not with us today, we could not miss wishing him a happy birthday.  Wherever he is, he’s in our hearts, and we know all of your hearts as well. 



We have no idea why he decided to run. He seemed happy. He finally had a playmate and napping buddy in Kizmet. And we know she misses him. She hasn’t removed even one toy from her toy box since he left. Usually she drags out at least a dozen a day.

His beautiful, sweet and thoughtful girlfriend, Noelle, made him this wonderful card, and he has a gift waiting for him when he gets home. 



I wrote a poem for him.

Happy Birthday — Please Come Home!

Today you turn four,
Of life you could have so much more.
But you must come back home.
Whatever gave you the idea to roam?
You had everything a cat could want.
No reason to take this crazy jaunt.
We know you didn’t like the yucky medicine,
But it’s what keeps you from going to heaven.
We promise to love and care for you everyday
With noms and treats and toys for play.
The world is missing and praying for you.
Please return to your home with Kitties Blue!

Janet Buickerood Blue – 6/30/2021


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I will post on Sunday for our Sunday Selfies blog hop, otherwise I will not be posting until Sawyer is home, or we have word that he has been found.

Again, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your support and prayers,

Dad Tom, Mom Janet and the other Kitties Blue