Fiona and Giulietta

Hi Everybody,

Today is our third birthday, and as you can see, we plan to spend it pretty much like we spend everyday…spooning and snoozing. We’ll probably give each other a bath as well. We do plan to get up for a party or any treats our humans are planning to give us. And we certainly hope that cake is made out of something yummy, like catnip. A birthday without nip is just another day!

Below is another photo of us from when we first came home with Mom after being adopted from Lynn, a friend of our mommy’s special friend, Tammy. (Tammy has agreed to take responsibility for all of us if something should happen to our mom and dad so we love her lots.) Mommy had only planned to adopt Giulietta, but when she saw Fiona’s precious little face, she just had to bring both of us to live with her, our dad and our housemates, some of who were different than the one’s we have now. We are so happy that we both were fortunate to be adopted by our adoring family, ’cause as you can see we love each other bunches and are best friends. We would have been really sad if we had gone to separate homes.

Kittens Giulietta and Fiona

Kittens Giulietta and Fiona

If you or any of your humans are having a birthday today, we hope it is as spectacular as we know ours will be!

Purrs and hugs, Fiona and Giulietta