Celebration Time

Today our baby boy, Sawyer, turns six years old. Granted, he is not the youngest male among the Kitties Blue, but I will always see him as our baby boy. I feel so blessed and grateful that he is here to celebrate it with us.

It was uncertain if he would survive a few of his early seizures. Trips to the emergency vet in the middle of the night when seizures wouldn’t stop, and the day he had to be intubated and placed in a coma due to an unending seizure, made a future for him seem precarious at best. Though he still has his seizures, thankfully they are somewhat controlled by his meds.

He even missed his fourth birthday when he left on his three-and-a half-week unauthorized tour of the neighborhood in 2021. We never expected to see him again, so any birthday we get to celebrate with Sawyer is a bonus.

I made him a card from the entire family.


Grey Manx tabby cat pictured on a birthday card that reads, "Happy Sixth Birthday Sawyer! Love you bunches sweet boy."


And Cooper Murphy baked him a cake.

Birthday cake with a grey tabby cat also made of cake jumping out of the center.


It wouldn’t be a party without noms: shrimpies, tuna, treaties, fresh nip, nip ice cream and crispy bacon. Enjoy!


Collage of foods for a cats birthday celebration.


Please stay and celebrate for as long as you like. Thank you from Dad Tom, me, and all the Kitties Blue, but especially Sawyer, for coming by today to celebrate.

If you weren’t following us when Sawyer became a member of the Kitties Blue crew, you can check out the original post at, “Sawyer’s First Gotcha Day.”

Caturday Art

I am counting Sawyer’s birthday card as art, so he is joining the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. You can do the same by clicking on her badge.


I did not make a puzzle for you today. I’ll see if I can do one tomorrow.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Speaking of tomorrow, we will be right here waiting for you to take part in our Sunday Selfies blog hop. We know you want to show the world just how super cute you are, and this is the place to do it. If your peeps will be busy celebrating the upcoming holiday and cannot get you here tomorrow, the hop is open through Thursday. So no excuses allowed!

See you soon.