Sunday Selfies: Week #230

Welcome to our Sunday Selfies blog hop and my Gotcha Day party! Tomorrow actually is my Gotcha Day, but we don’t get many visitors on Mondays, so Mom said I could have my party today. As of tomorrow, I will have been a Kitties Blue member for two years.


Cooper Murphy - Gotcha Day


I took this selfie on Christmas Day. Sorry it’s a bit blurry.

Gotcha Day Cards

I received two terrific cards for my special day. This first one is from my best pal and Gingersnap brofur, Teddy (Two Spoiled Cats). Thank you, Teddy Bean.


Gotcha Day - Cooper Murphy


My second card is from Pipo, Dalton, Benji and Petcretary Ingrid from Meezer’s Mews and Terrieristical Woofs. They always send the prettiest cards. Thank you.


Gotcha Day - Cooper Murphy


Party Time

Grab a party hat and noisemaker to get in the mood to have some fun.



Mau made me a cake in his Cat Scout Bake Shop. Please help yourselves.



We also have hot chocolate, lemonade and iced tea. Mom says I am too young to have or serve alcoholic beverages.


Blog Hop

Stay as long as you like to party and play, but please don’t forget to hop prior to leaving.

Here are those hopping tips Mom likes us to post.

  • The link to add your selfie to the hop is below.
  • You also will find below the code to use if you’d like the hop to appear on your blog.
  • Posting on Sundays is not necessary to join.
  • You do not need to be a cat to enter. All anipals are welcome regardless of species.
  • The hop remains open for entries through Thursday midnight.
  • Please be so kind as to display our badge and/or link to The Cat on My Head.
  • Take the opportunity to visit some of the other hop-alongs and make some new friends or reconnect with some old ones.

Thanks for coming by to hop and party.

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy