Good Kitty

If you read my recent post, “Fiona Gets Special Treatment,” you know that at the end I called Fiona a Good Kitty! I want to reiterate here how well-deserved that moniker is.

A few nights ago Tom set a cutting board with a raw steak on the kitchen counter next to the kitties’ water bowl and walked away. A short time later, Fiona jumped onto the counter and went to the bowl from a drink. She didn’t even notice the raw meat. I held my breath while I watched her totally expecting a full-frontal steak attack when she finished drinking. She never went near the steak and jumped down when she finished her water. Good Kitty!


Big-eyed grey kitten.

Kitten Fiona: Could you resist that face? That expression is what got me to adopt her!


On another evening she sat quietly next to me on the bed as I was hooking up my TENs unit. She never once tried to snag or chew the cords or steal the patches. She just sat and watched with great curiosity. Good Kitty!

She and I also have spent a few more afternoons and evenings in the living room. On Monday I settled in for a nap with Miss Fiona in the kitchen. The whining soon commenced, and I hollered at Tom to let her in with me. She immediately jumped up next to me on the couch and cuddled close. We both had a lovely nap. Good Kitty!

Not Always Good

In all honesty I must confess that Fiona is not always a good kitty, She does chase Lily Olivia. However, all the kitties chase Lily, and all get scolded when they do. So I cannot give Fiona a bad kitty report for that behavior. I’m also pretty sure I’ll continue giving her special privileges even though she occasionally forgets her good manners!