Wordless Wednesday


Another Note from The Purrfect Pad

Hello everyone: I have more bad news to share! My Facebook account has been hacked. I am locked out of it. So any of you who are connected to me on FB please go “UNFRIEND” me ASAP! I do not want to run the risk of anyone being hacked because of me!!!! I can use Messenger as a stand alone option for now…not sure how long it will last. I called tech guys but they said it is a Facebook problem so they can’t help me. I am utterly frustrated. Angry too. I went into WordPress & deleted 300 people who are following me, & then I made blog private so in theory all of you connected to me there should still get my blog post notifications. Please let me know if they do come thru. Again I apologize for this but there is nothing I can do about it. IF I get my FB account back I am deleting it. If I do not get it back I will have to decide if I want to open new account. IF I DO open new account I will email everyone. With love Sherri-Ellen x0x0