Sunday Selfies: Week #344

Sunday Selfies


Our elusive Giulietta is here as your host today. Unless she is announcing that the food bowls are empty, she’s a cat of few words. While sitting on my lap after dinner; however, she whispered that she had something she wanted me to tell you. On Thursday she will be celebrating her eleventh birthday, and she’d like everyone to join us right here for a little celebration.

She and all the other Kitties Blue hope you will join us today as well by sharing your selfie and hopping. You don’t even need to post today to do it. The hop is available through Thursday.

Oh, and one final thing, if you haven’t set your clocks ahead one hour, do it now. Kitties Blue love daylight saving time. All their meals will be an hour earlier for the next several months!

So it seems that’s it for today, except to tell each of you how much we appreciate your support.