Sunday Selfies: Week #309


Our mostly unseen Giulietta is here as your host today. As you can see by her expression it isn’t her idea of a fun way to spend her day. The other Kitties Blue, however, think she needs to step up occasionally and take her turn here. As I usually do, I have “fancied up” her selfie to at least partially appease her.

Now that you have gazed upon your grumpy host, it is your turn to show us your selfies. After posting and linking up here, you can spend the day taking it easy and/or entertaining your humans. We know you are probably growing tired of the latter responsibility, but all humans need their kitties, woofies and other non-human pals more than ever now, as they are forced to social distance from most humans. And they all need to see your super sweet and squeeable faces here.

So please hop on over and join Giulietta. All the Kitties Blue totally appreciate your participation each week. And don’t forget that it isn’t necessary to post on Sunday to join us. The hop remains open through Thursday.