by Janet Blue on March 19, 2017

Sunday Selfies: Week #136

After giving me a nice birthday brushing yesterday, Mom asked me to take a selfie for today. As most of you know, I do not excel at photography. This time, I tried Mom’s laptop.After pushing the button, the computer countsdown and then snaps the photo. Even if I was looking directly at the screen, by the time the countdown completed I always looked away or down except for one time. That is the photo I have used for my selfie. Mom fancied it up for me so you might not notice how fuzzy I look.


Giulietta's birthday Sunday Selfie


I think I look away or down in photos so you won’t notice the freckle in my right eye. I think it may have gotten bigger.

My angel sisfur and I received another birthday card after we posted yesterday. It’s from Pipo, Minko and Petretary Ingrid (Meezer’s Mews and Freckles’ Woofs). They always make the most beautiful cards. I am so grateful for their kindness and thoughtfulness and send thanks on behalf of Fiona and myself.


birthday card


Cat4-001Now it is your turn to show off your selfie to all your friends and admirers. The link to add your photo to the blog hop is below as is the code to add the hop to you blog if you like. Should you do this, please add our badge to your post and/or link to The Cat on My Head. If you are unable to join us today, the link remains open through Thursday, and all anipals are welcome to join the hop.

Purrs and paw-pats, Giulietta



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Pipo/Minko/MrJackFreckles March 22, 2017 at 10:52 pm

What a pretty celebratory selfie, Giulietta!


da tabbies o trout towne March 21, 2017 at 12:04 pm

bee lated best fishez happee day wishez & mice creem dishez ~~~~~~ sorree we R late with sendin ♫♫♫♪♪♪♫ greetingz yur way giulietta….we hope ya hada soooper awesum mega grate total lee kewl day N yur mom N dad ordered in 95 pizza piez !! heerz two another 70 anda yeer a head filled with happee nezz & health ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


mommakatandherbearcat March 20, 2017 at 8:42 pm

Happy Birthday, gorgeous Guilietta!
mommakatandherbearcat recently posted…Best catMy Profile


Hairballs and Hissyfits March 20, 2017 at 7:30 pm

Giulietta! happy bday!!


Seville at Nerissa's Life March 20, 2017 at 9:20 am

Well personally, I think that’s a BEAUTIFUL birthday selfie, for sure. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!!! purrs
Seville at Nerissa’s Life recently posted…the thingMy Profile


Bichonpawz March 20, 2017 at 6:26 am

Thank you so very much for fixing the code on my photo! My iPad was not being cooperative! Thanks again!
Bichonpawz recently posted…Happy First Day of Spring!My Profile


Spitty the Kitty March 20, 2017 at 12:19 am

Darling Giulietta! Did you hear me singing Happy Birfday to you? Well, if not, maybe it’s just a well cause the Human said my yowling sets her teefs on edge–but maybe it would sound better to YOU XOXOXO You look extra-beautiful today! Who said anything about ‘fuzzy’? You are in glorious soft focus 😉
Spitty the Kitty recently posted…Splish-Splash Sunday SelfieMy Profile


Clooney March 19, 2017 at 7:58 pm

Hello Beautiful Giulietta, I think your selfie is gorgeous…many kitty cuddles to you for a most special Birthday weekend! And such a pretty Birthday card that you and Angel Fiona received!

xoxo Clooney
Clooney recently posted…St. Paddy’s Sunday SelfiesMy Profile


Sherri-Ellen TD. March 19, 2017 at 7:09 pm

Woo Hoo Guilietta!! Happy happy Birthday mee deer furend! Yur a reel beeutee an yur freckull iss purrty. Yur purrty an clevurr…
Have a wunderfull day mee furend.
~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~


Jean Dion March 19, 2017 at 4:03 pm

I think you take absolutely beautiful selfies, sweet one. Thanks for sharing your sweet face with us!

Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie
Jean Dion recently posted…A Sunday cat selfie love story: Two kitties learn to coexistMy Profile


Beau Beau and Angie March 19, 2017 at 3:40 pm

Oh and we forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday! Wishing you many many more years of pretty selfies, beautiful brushings, fur-filled friendly days, filled with the best cat food ever!
Beau Beau and Angie recently posted…Sunday Selfie Kittens at Week 3My Profile


Beau Beau and Angie March 19, 2017 at 3:33 pm

That’s a great fuzzy foto and looks like it was made to be that way!
Beau Beau and Angie recently posted…Sunday Selfie Kittens at Week 3My Profile


Dory's Backyard March 19, 2017 at 3:26 pm

What a beautimous birthday selfie Giulietta!!
Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo
Dory’s Backyard recently posted…BW Selfie SundayMy Profile


Caren Gittleman March 19, 2017 at 2:20 pm

such a beautiful selfie!!
Caren Gittleman recently posted…“Gimme the Corned Beef!!” St.Patrick’s DayMy Profile


Dz Dogs March 19, 2017 at 1:54 pm

Happy Birthday Pawrty!!

We hope you had a meowific time!!

~Dz Dogs
Dz Dogs recently posted…Black & White / Selfie SundayMy Profile


Deziz World March 19, 2017 at 1:43 pm

Happy Meowday. We hope your day as as purrfect as you.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Raena
Deziz World recently posted…Blest Sunday: Tactful/less Chatting CatsMy Profile


The Swiss Cats March 19, 2017 at 1:16 pm

Lovely selfie ! Happy Birthday, Giulietta ! Purrs
The Swiss Cats recently posted…Flash spécial : joyeux anniversaire Pixie !My Profile


Basil March 19, 2017 at 12:54 pm

Totally fabulous selfie Giuletta, we think mew look gorgeous!

Wishing mew all a supurr Sunday

Bestest purrs

Basil & Co xox
Basil recently posted…Sunday Selfies #136 Meet The NEW Heathen Hoard & Blog Hopping with Cat on my HeadMy Profile


McGuffy's Reader March 19, 2017 at 12:52 pm

Two gorgeous girls. *tears* This hits so close to home for me. Hugs to you, with lots of love. I linked today (while Bill was busy).
McGuffy’s Reader recently posted…Happy SpringMy Profile


Savannah's Paw Tracks March 19, 2017 at 12:46 pm

Giuletta your selfie is just as lovely as I am sure you are in real life. Belated birthday wishes to you and Angel Fiona. purrs and paw pats
Savannah’s Paw Tracks recently posted…I Cannot Believe It!! Can You??!!!My Profile


Flynn March 19, 2017 at 11:22 am

That is a very pretty selfie, Giulietta.
Flynn recently posted…Memorial Sunday SelfieMy Profile


Three Chatty Cats March 19, 2017 at 10:46 am

Fuzzy or not, it’s a beautiful selfie!
Three Chatty Cats recently posted…Thankful Sunday SelfiesMy Profile


Annabelle March 19, 2017 at 10:24 am

A continued happy birthday Giulietta! What a pretty portrait of you. Lovely selfie!!
Annabelle recently posted…#sunday selfiesMy Profile


Millie & Walter March 19, 2017 at 10:10 am

Giulietta that is a great selfie. Happy Belated Birthday too.


The Island Cats March 19, 2017 at 10:08 am

Giulietta, that’s a beautiful selfie. We hope you had a wonderful birthday.
The Island Cats recently posted…Easy E’s Selfie SundayMy Profile


Ellen Pilch March 19, 2017 at 9:15 am

Beautiful selfie. Pipo and Minko make such nice cards. XO
Ellen Pilch recently posted…Pet Blogger Showcase and SelfiesMy Profile


ATCAD March 19, 2017 at 8:55 am

Giulietta we think you did a great job with your selfie.
ATCAD recently posted…Stunning Sunday SelfieMy Profile


Brian frum March 19, 2017 at 8:40 am

That is a most wonderful selfie!
Brian frum recently posted…Easy Kit, Selfie KitMy Profile


The Florida Furkids March 19, 2017 at 8:23 am

Beautiful selfie!!!

The Florida Furkids with 87 bazillion smoochies and tons of love to Mau from Allie
The Florida Furkids recently posted…Sunday Selfies with Allie and Flat MauMy Profile


Roby Sweet March 19, 2017 at 7:51 am

That is a very pretty selfie, Giulietta!
Roby Sweet recently posted…Sunday Selfie: Paisley Claims the Dog’s BedMy Profile


Katie Isabella March 19, 2017 at 7:44 am

Happy Birthday pretty girl! Many more too and your portrait is not only beautiful as are you, but shows the love your family has for you. xxx


Athena March 19, 2017 at 7:09 am

Lovely selfie, Giulietta!

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie
Athena recently posted…#CaturdayArt Thick Oil Paint EffectMy Profile


Timmy Tomcat March 19, 2017 at 6:37 am

Giuletta you are so beautiful don’t you worry about not looking straight on to the camera. We are a bit late with our birthday wishes for you and Angel Fiona. We love Pipo, Minko, MJF and Ingrid. They make the very best cards,
Purrs from all of us
Timmy and Family
Timmy Tomcat recently posted…Tomcat Family St Patrick’s Day PawtyMy Profile


Little Binky and Granny March 19, 2017 at 6:08 am

That’s a lovely After Pawty Selfie, Giulietta. I like the way the computer counts down for your Selfie, I have to find out if I can do that too 😀 We love the card too. Very thoughtful 🙂 Wet Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 <3


Gattina March 19, 2017 at 5:55 am

Yes that can happen that the computer is too slow for quick cats ! Nevertheless your selfie looks great !
Gattina recently posted…CAT SELFIESMy Profile


Sammy March 19, 2017 at 5:08 am

I hope you had a wonderful birthday – I bet you enjoyed your brushing session with Mom and I think you did a FINE job of posing for your official birthday portrait! Angel Fiona and I both send you our love…….and our hope for a happy Sunday.

Love, Angel Sammy
Sammy recently posted…Sunday Selfie HoppingMy Profile


Erin the cat (Princess) March 19, 2017 at 4:32 am

Happy birthday for yesterday, Giulietta, and a great selfie despite your shyness. Not everyone can master selfies, take my peep… I wish someone would! MOL
Purrs, ERin


Kristian taylor March 19, 2017 at 3:47 am

Happy Birthday. What a lovely selfie!


Dash Kitten Crew March 19, 2017 at 3:45 am

You did a fabulous job and you look wonderful, of course! If everything was pin sharp how boring everything would be!
Dash Kitten Crew recently posted…Sunday Selfie With Miranda’s PetcubeMy Profile


Summer March 19, 2017 at 3:22 am

Nice selfie, Giulietta! Sometimes mine come out fuzzy too.
Summer recently posted…Birthday SelfiesMy Profile


Create With Joy March 19, 2017 at 2:58 am

Happy birthday Giulietta – you look stunning! 🙂
Create With Joy recently posted…Change The World Through Biblical HospitalityMy Profile


speedyrabbit March 19, 2017 at 2:16 am

Happy Birthday Giulietta,we can still see your beauty shining through,xx Speedy
speedyrabbit recently posted…Happy St Patrick’s Day!My Profile


speedyrabbit March 19, 2017 at 2:17 am

p.s Happy Birthday to Angel Fiona too,xx Speedy
speedyrabbit recently posted…Happy St Patrick’s Day!My Profile


The Menagerie Mom March 19, 2017 at 1:43 am

You’re nothing short of gorgeous, Giulietta! We are still sending you and Angel Fiona birthday wishes today. After all, aren’t birthdays meant to last a whole week? Or perhaps a whole month? Purrs!
The Menagerie Mom recently posted…Lazy Sunday SelfiesMy Profile


prancer pie March 19, 2017 at 1:17 am

Lovely selfie Guilietta and Happy Birthday!
What a sweet birthday greeting from your furriends.
Hope you have an easy and special Sunday.
prancer pie recently posted…Sunday Selfies – PresleeMy Profile


Raven March 19, 2017 at 1:06 am

Happy Birthday Giulietta. I think you look terrific in your photo and it doesn’t matter if you’re a little blurry or looking away from the camera.
Raven recently posted…My dog-cousin Sadie and her new toys.My Profile


Lone Star Cats March 19, 2017 at 12:29 am

Pawsome selfie!
Lone Star Cats recently posted…Happy St. Patrick’s Day!My Profile


Peaches & Paprika March 19, 2017 at 12:19 am

What a beautiful Selfie Giuletta…AND card! We would like to add our birthday wishes too!


Angel, Kirby and Max March 19, 2017 at 12:13 am

Happy Birthday, Pretty Kitty
Angel, Kirby and Max recently posted…Weird MondayMy Profile


meowmeowmans March 19, 2017 at 12:10 am

We think you did a great job, Giulietta. That’s a very nice selfie, sweet girl. 🙂

Tell your mom and the whole family we said hello, okay? Hugs!
meowmeowmans recently posted…Easy Like Sunday Selfie – Ethel 🙂My Profile


Meows, purrs, hugs and MOLs are greatly appreciated. Please no hissing, spitting or scratching unless you want one of us to whap you!

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