For my starting point for today’s art project I selected a photo I used last September in a post entitled, Wordless Wednesday: Catnip Coma.


Catnip Coma reflective


To create the new image I tinkered with the saturation level and added a film grain using Picasa. I then used LunaPic to add the Reflecting Water animation. This made the water look as if it was moving, which I found really distracting. By adding the Surreal Colors effect as a final step, it stopped the animation while maintaining the reflective look.

Here’s the final result.




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If we are showing you our Caturday Art, that can only mean one thing: It’s time for you to start taking those selfies for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. Mauricio will be your host this weekend, and he looks forward to viewing all of your photos. He is sorry that he and the other Kitties Blue have not been available for much visiting and commenting lately. They have been able to pop in occasionally to visit a few friends and will be back to a regular schedule beginning May 1.