Caturday Art


Giulietta gets cozy with crocuses.


Here’s Giulietta doing the honors for our Caturday Art submission for Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s blog hop. I used PicMonkey and the following two photos to create the art.



Giulietta gets cozy with crocuses.








The photo of the blooming crocuses in our yard was layered on top of the photo of Giulietta. I then tinkered with the Blend mode, saturation and fade until I achieved a look similar to stained glass. My next step was to load the photo into Picasa where I added the HDR-ish effect and the border. I like how the most recognizable parts of any cat (the ears and eyes) were not obscured during the editing process.

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Fiona and Giulietta Birthday Wrap-Up

Fiona and Giulietta asked me to thank everyone who came to their birthday party yesterday. They had a terrific time and appreciate all the messages. They also wanted me to share two more birthday cards they received. The first is from Timmy, Einstein, Buddy-Budd, Ms. Fitz, Toby, Rumpy and Mr. Buttons from Tomcat Commentary by Tim. It’s so pretty and colorful.




The second card is from Pipo and Minko (WeBeesSiameezers). The girls love how girly and romantic this card is.




I feel so blessed to have these sweet girls as part of our family. The beautiful cards and good wishes warm my heart as does the concern, caring, purrs and prayers so many have sent Fiona since she was diagnosed with CKD. We are trying to do everything we can to give her the best quality of life possible for as long as she is with us. I truly appreciate the suggestions and advice that so many of you have offered.

Site Design

Depending on when you have visited, you may have noticed that our site has been a bit wonky lately. Items on our sidebar were and still are “messed up.” The fixes I have tried are not working, so I have decided to to go against my better judgment and update WordPress to its newest version. The last time I did this, our site really went bonkers. That is the reason I have not updated before now. All that explained, I intend to do this on Monday when I usually do not post. Depending on how things go, we’ll either post again on Tuesday or Wednesday. I hope this doesn’t backfire on me as we have a major announcement to make on Wednesday. Please keep your paws crossed that all goes as planned.

Sunday Selfies

Cat4-001Yep…it’s time to start thinking about your blog hop photos for tomorrow. Astrid will be your host. She is hoping that lots of you will join her. We had one of our smallest turnouts ever last week. Please don’t disappoint your host. She’s a very sensitive kitty and gets her feelings hurt easily. And don’t forget to invite your friends. Many thanks for your continued support and participation.