Caturday Art

Cooper Murphy is hoping y’all are not getting tired of seeing him. Some of the Kitties Blue are much more amenable to having their photo taken. Of course, it helps if they are sleeping, as Cooper is in today’s art.

I am sharing two different versions of art today, as I cannot decide which I like best. If you have a favorite, let Cooper know in the Comments.



As I do most weeks, I used the Painnt app and piZap to create both versions. The base of both is the Darkside effect from Painnt with the coloring set on Summer. The white smudge border on both is from piZap and the second photo has piZap’s glitter effect at about 35 percent.

A couple of things really stood out for me in this photo, and one is the illusion that Cooper Murphy is floating above the background. He actually was asleep on Dad Tom’s and my bed.  I also am enamored with his pink nose and how the tip of his tail is standing upright. And, of course, there’s that tummy and those toesies.

Here’s the original photo for comparison.

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

I am fairly certain that after more than five years of Sunday Selfies those of you who are regular participants do not need a reminder. But for those senior citizens, like myself, who often forget what day of the week it is, I will continue to give you a prod on Caturday to get your selfie taken for the following day. So…get your selfie taken for tomorrow.Then you won’t have to interrupt your Easy Sunday with a photo session.