Funky Cat Abstraction Art


For whatever reason, my art this week came out thumbnail-sized. When I enlarged it to post, it became quite blurry. For this type of art, I suppose it doesn’t matter much.

I usually share the original photo but have decided not to this time. I have another version I want to use in the future. I also thought it might be fun if you try to guess which Kitty Blue this is. There might even be a drawing for a prize. I haven’t given anything away in quite a while. I’ll have select a winner from all those who guess correctly.

I created this using Picasa but when I tried to recreate it to share what I did, I was unable to do so. I know I used the posterize feature twice and also the HDR effect. Beyond that, I’ve forgotten.

This is our submission to Athena Cat Goddess, Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. To see the other submissions and/or add one of your own, click on her badge.

Easter Sunday Selfies

Cat4-001One of the Kitties Blue will be your host for Sunday Selfies tomorrow. I have no idea who it might be. I just know the selfie will have some sort of Easter theme. I suspect many of you will be busy and unable to join us. If that’s the case, I hope you’ll return next week.

Last week was great with close to 60 participants. Thank you very much to all who joined us. I am fairly certain the kitties visited everyone who entered. They will do their very best to do the same this week.

Universal Bill of Rights for All Cats

If you missed our last post, it is a must read for every cat. You can click on the link below to read it. Though Kitties Blue want cats everywhere to have access to this document, please do not copy or repost it without asking permission. It is copyrighted material of this blog.

In case we do not see you tomorrow, may you have a blessed Easter.