I know this is a blog about cats and ninety-five percent of the time it actually is. Though this post appears to have no connection whatsoever to felines, it actually does. I will explain at the conclusion of this post.

After days and days of it raining cats, dogs, otters, guinea pigs, squirrels, parrots, emus and flamingos, the Roanoke Valley, VA, flooded for the third time this spring/summer. We are currently running 12 inches over the normal rainfall for the entire year.

Image 11

This is the Roanoke River. Tom took this photo three blocks from our house.


This bridge is in the same area. It crosses over the river about 20 feet above the river bed. It is part of the Roanoke Greenway and on our tandem route.

Image 8

Another view of the bridge. Though the water has receded, this bridge is closed due to buckled and broken asphalt leading to it.

Image 9

This is one of the low-water bridges we normally cross. The word on the part of the sign that’s underwater is “FLOODING.”

Unfortunately, one person lost their life during this flood. That person was the husband of Sara Stein, the President of our area TNR organization (Barn Cat Buddies) with which I am affiliated. He drowned Thursday while trying to clear a culvert drain in an attempt to keep the rising waters from reaching their home. Craig Ricker leaves not only Sara but also three step-sons, aged 10 to 18.

Please keep Sara, Sam, Jesse and Charlie in your prayers. Anyone wanting to make a donation to help Sara and her family or any of the foster kitties, can do so on the Barn Cat Buddies Facebook page.