Sunday Selfies: Week #84

Spring begins 30 minutes after this post goes live, and Astrid is ready to meet it. Well, her selfie is ready. She’s sleeping, and will not see it until morning.


Astrid Welcomes Spring


Unfortunately, she is meeting it with a razzleberry. After unseasonably warm temperatures this past week, including a high of 83 degrees F. on Wednesday, we now are having rain and cold. Our high on Saturday was more than 40 degrees colder than on Wednesday. It’s okay if you are a human and basketball fanatic, but it sucks if you’re a cat who wants to be on the catio watching bird TV.

Nevertheless, we are all happy to have winter officially over; though, we know winter weather can hit anytime for the next few weeks.

Cat4-001By now you all know that this is our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. Astrid would be so happy if lots of you would join her here. Last week we had one of our smallest turn-outs ever, which made your host, Lily Olivia, very sad. Please don’t give Astrid the sads this week. Invite all your critter friends to join in the hop. And visit some of the other participants and say, “Howdy do!” This is such a fun way to make new friends.

As usual, if you have any trouble linking up, leave a comment and I will add your link for you. It always makes us happy when some of you share the hop entries on your blog. So, please continue to do so. I only ask that you display our badge and/or link to The Cat on My Head.

Thanks for being friends and hoppers. And…

Happy Spring 2016!