Sunday Selfies: Week #485


Tuxedo cat with a Christmas frame with two big green bows, garland and candy canes.


When Lisbeth is in the top perch of the dining room cat tree she is a calm and happy cat. It’s the purrfect place for her to snap a selfie.

It’s the first of our Christmas selfies, and Lisbeth is proud to be representing today.

Hopping Time

Lisbeth is looking for all our friends to join in the hop. You can see from her selfie that she has her eyes on you! If your humans are like me, they may be busy with holiday decorating and cannot get you the hop today. That’s okay, The hop is open through Thursday, and Lisbeth will be here waiting for you.

Kitties Blue and I appreciate each of you for joining us on this hop as well as for visiting and commenting on our posts.

We wish you a happy and easy Sunday!