We were contacted recently by Chewy.com and asked if we would like to become members of their Blogger Network. You know what we said, “YES, PLEASE!”

chewyWe were given several products from which to choose and try for our first review. As Mom had recently discovered that we enjoy freeze-dried treats, she selected Orijen Tundra cat treats for us.

These treats are made from meat only: boneless venison (ranch raised), elk (free range) and quail, elk and venison liver and steelhead trout. All of these flavors are new to us. The other freeze-dried treats we had were chicken. Most of us are always interested in trying new things; though, a couple of us (Giulietta and Fiona) are a bit lot picky.

Lily Olivia, as always, was first in line and gobbled up the bite-sized treats. These have no big chucks that need to be broken up like the other freeze-dried treats we tried. You can see their small size in some of our photos.




Everyone had the opportunity to try the treats on more than one occasion. They were a hit with all of us, as you can plainly see, except for the two picky girls. Giulietta ate one and walked away. Fiona looked at them and walked away without even sniffing or tasting. She doesn’t know a delicious and good for her nom when she sees it. Of course, that means more yummy treats for the rest of us!

Though Orijen doesn’t give a calorie count for these treats, either on the package or online, they do give a content analysis: Treats include a minimum of 45 % crude protein and 35 % crude fat and a maximum of 1 % crude fiber and 2 % moisture.

Orijen Tundra is manufactured in Alberta, Canada, in the company’s own kitchens using fresh, local meat, fish and poultry. The treats contain no preservatives or carbohydrates.

So what was the final results of our multiple taste tests? Kitties Blue give Orijen Tundra freeze-dried cat treats a 75 % approval rating. And you can bet that Mom will be getting more of these yummy, nourishing treats for us from Chewy.com, who Kitties Blue would like to thank for this excellent opportunity to try something new.

Note: Orijen also manufactures dry cat food and dry and freeze-dried dog food and treats.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received the Orijen Tundra treats free of charge from Chewy.com in exchange for our fair and honest review. We received no monetary compensation, and all the opinions represented are ours alone.