I’m not so smug today after my Tuesday appointment with Dr. Neel. That said, I’ll start with the good news. I gained 1/2 ounce. Must be all those treats!


Fiona's Vet Visit Update


I look pretty good, don’t you think? (Well, maybe a little fuzzy!) I am the picture of nonchalance when I am seeing Dr. Neel. I am shaking out of my furs, but I never make a peep or struggle. Totally unlike how I act at home.

Now that you have agreed I look meowvoolous, I’ll share the less than good news. My BUN went up to 114. It had been down to 91 on my last visit. My Creatine is at 5, more than double the high normal.

I did get some good news from Dr. Neel. No more nasty, disgusting, icky Maalox. Though my phosphorous is slightly high and has been creeping up a tenth of a point each time my blood is tested, Dr. Neel says that it is stressing me out too much to have to take it. Ya think? Most of that white goo ends up on the walls, in the humans hair and on their clothes as well as pretty much head-to-toe in my furs. If my phosphorus level goes higher, we will revisit the situation.

Mom has ordered a Sleepypod for me. She thinks it might be more comfy than my PTU when I get my subQ fluids.  I doubt it, but I have no plan to turn down a comfy new nest that is going to be all mine!

So that’s my report. I’m sorry the news wasn’t better. As it wasn’t could you please find it in your hearts to send me a few more prayers, purrs and POTP?

Purrs, paw-pats and thanks, Fiona

p.s. It warmed up enough today to melt most of our snow and for us to spend sometime on the catio!

p.p.s. Mom said I needed to tell you that the photo of me hanging from the screen was taken when I was about one year old. I know I could still do that if I wanted.