Fona is feeling smug


Do I look smug in this photo? I guess I am just a bit.

I went to see Dr. Neel on Tuesday. I was a bit of a stinker at home. I hid UTB and could not be tempted out with treats. Dad had to start pushing a dust mop at me. I came out to escape it, and Mom grabbed me. Then to show my displeasure I pooped in my PTU. Score: Fiona – 2 and Humans – 0.

However, when we got to the vet office I was a purrfect kitty. I let Dr. Neel take my blood for a full kidney panel and give me my subQ fluids. I never made even the littlest meow of protest nor did I try to rip open her flesh. That alone made me feel smug.

We had to wait a while to get the results of my blood work so I snuggled next to Dad atop Mom’s scarf and waited quietly.

So here’s the news you have been waiting to hear: My blood work was mostly unchanged from two weeks ago. So that is neither good nor bad news. But I do have some great news. I gained 4 1/2 ounces during the past two weeks. I now weigh 7 pounds 3 1/2 ounces! Yet another reason to feel smug; though, that’s still about three pounds below normal for me. Additionally, my dry skin has improved dramatically.

The reason I have gained weight is that I am eating a bit more and not just treats.

I still hate taking any of my medicine, especially the Maalox. But as I stated in a previous post, I am now letting Mom and Dad give me my subQ fluids. Some of you asked what had changed. So here’s the story. The last time Mom took me to the vet’s office for fluids, the tech who did it said she left me in my PTU and that she was able to do it without any help. Of course, I was being my usual purrfect self.

The next time Mom and Dad tried to give me fluids, they put me in my PTU. It made me much easier to hold onto and control. Then they discovered if Mom inserted the needle and Dad held me that I was much more cooperative. I don’t always let them give me the full amount, and I let them know when I’ve had enough by squirming around and whining. But all-in-all the process has been going much better.

So that’s the full report. Unless I take a turn for the worse, like not eating or refusing my fluids, I don’t have to see Dr. Neel for an entire month.

Though I am feeling smug, I still need your purrs and prayers as my numbers didn’t improve, and I am not eating the renal foods. If you don’t mind me asking, please keep me in your thoughts. I would be most appreciative. Thank you so much for all the good wishes and prayers you have already sent.

Purrs and paw-pats, Fiona