Pets make messes. No matter how well-trained your pet, accidents happen. Many of you probably remember this photo of a smashed vase. This was not an accident. Lisbeth pushed it off the counter to watch it fall. And Sawyer purposely pushed the container of pens and pencils off the counter. A week ago Sawyer knocked a canister off the counter. Like the vase, it shattered and pottery shards went everywhere.



But these aren’t the everyday messes. Those are muddy paws, shredded paper, tipped over garbage, scattered food and litter, spilt water and occasional bird feathers (for us). Whatever type of messes your pets make, they could win you some great products from Libman Company. Here’s the information:

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Your Favorite Mess-making Pet Could Win You Some Great Libman Products:
“My Favorite Messmaker” Sweepstakes Launched on May 1

In honor of May’s National Pet Month, Libman has launched the “My Favorite Messmaker” sweepstakes in May 2018 to celebrate pets and their “mess-making” abilities. The sweepstakes will run from May 1, 2018 to May 31, 2018.

To enter, all you need to do is submit a photo of your precious “messmaker” (pet) and provide your name and email address. One winner per week will be randomly selected for five weeks and that winner’s pet’s photo will be featured in The Libman Company’s Facebook cover photo, and in promotional material for the sweepstakes. Weekly winners also will receive a package of Libman products geared toward the needs of pet owners.

To enter or for more information about the “My Favorite Messmaker” Sweepstakes, visit https://woobox.com/i9pvm3

Disclaimer: In exchange for promoting Libman Company’s Sweepstakes, I will be receiving some cleaning products.