Book Review: Catlantis


catlantis3Catlantis coverCatlantis by Anna Starobinets is a fairy tale. It has all the expected components: the knight in shining armor, the damsel in distress, an evil character, magic and a quest. The knight, however, is a rather ordinary house cat named Baguette, who is dressed in ginger furs instead of armor. The damsel is Purriana, who becomes his fiancé and the bad guy is stray, dumpster, black cat, Noir. The quest is to retrieve the catlantic flower (to guarantee all cats nine lives), which involves the magic of time travel.

Translated from Russian by Jane Bugaeva, Catlantis is being promoted as a children’s book for readers in the third through seventh grades, and it would make a great gift for the young people on your Christmas list. But I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot imagine any cat lover who would not be delighted by this sweet and endearing story.

You’ll be cheering on Baguette as he shares notes with Purriana (delivered by doggie housemate, Bonehead) in an attempt to win her heart and when his quest gets sidetracked. And you won’t be able to keep from booing when it appears as if Noir is going to get his way.

Like all good fables and fairy tales, this one does have a happy ending. But you’ll need to read the book to find out just what that is.

In addition to the delightful story, you’ll enjoy whimsical black and white illustrations by Andrzej Klimowski.


Catlantis beach


Catlantis is available from the usual on-line retailers in hardcover and e-book formats. I regret that I do not have copies to give away.

Disclaimer: The Cat on My Head received one free copy of Catlantis for the purpose of review. All opinions are strictly my own.