Sunday Selfies: Week 75Giulietta's eye freckle selfie

So did y’all guess I would be your host for Sunday Selfies? I certainly never expected it. A few days ago I decided to nap on the kitchen counter next to Mom’s laptop while she was working. Before I knew it the iPhone screen was in front of my face, and I was instructed to push the button. Guess I could have refused, but it is easier just to acquiesce rather than being pestered.

Did you notice that dark dot on my right eye? Dr. Neel called it a freckle and checked it with her ophthalmoscope. She said eye freckles are common in cats. Mom says I’m the first of the Kitties Blue who has ever had one.

Mom, of course, checked out about eye freckles on the internet. It is called an iris melanosis. Dr. Neel says that Mom and Dad have to watch it carefully. Should it get any bigger or look as if it is raised, I have to see a specialist. It could turn into malignant melanoma and possibly require enucleation. (Keep your paws crossed for me that I never have to have that done.) The freckle’s been there since before Christmas and hasn’t changed. Whenever Mom tries to look at it, I close my eyes and put my head down. It just happened to show up in my selfie.

If you’d like to know more about this condition, Blue Pearl Vet is a great website.

Has any kitty out there ever had an eye freckle, or am I unique and special?


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My sissy, Fiona, asked me to say, “hi.” She’s curled up in Mom’s lap asleep right now. She is being a bit more cooperative and letting Mom and Dad do her subQ fluids. She is still fighting when it comes to medicine. She sees Dr. Neel on Tuesday and will post an update next Thursday.

Toodles all, Giulietta