The only thing this tuxie needs to have a great Doozy of a Snoozy is a warm human. In this case it’s Mom.




You might be wondering why I am so exhausted. The answer, of course, is Cat Scouts. On Saturday night, we had a purrmotion ceremony. I am already at the top rank (Sabertooth Tiger) and now so is my lovely girlfriend, Allie. In fact, only a few of the active members of our Wolverine Patrol are not. I know they will all achieve the Sabertooth rank in the future. They are hard workers and enthusiastic Scouts. (You can see my Sabertooth Tiger profile pix near the bottom of our sidebar.)

Even more exciting is that Allie and I as well as three other Wolverines (Andy, Charles [Lisbeth’s boyfriend] and Gracie), and Allie’s brofur Raz (Raz’s Rumblers) have been invited to join the Order of the Arrowhead. We are all members of the Worldwide Wildcats Troop.

The Order of the Arrowhead is an acknowledgement of exceptional leadership and demonstration of Cat Scout ideals. Those invited to join must successfully complete an overnight initiation to prove their worthiness for the honor. This involves spending a night in the wilderness wearing nothing but a loincloth. We will be given a match, an egg, a compass, and a blanket. We must survive using our Cat Scout skills.

We will receive this sash to wear when we survive our initiation:

sabertooth - order-of-the-arrowhead-sash


We do not know as yet when Denmaster will schedule our overnight in the wilderness. But I am going to make certain I am well rested when the time comes. I’ll let y’all know when that happens and whether or not I pass.

Purrs and paw-pats, Sabertooth Cat Scout Mauricio