Mom says, “The annual round-up was peachy keen!” If you are too young to know that expression, it means unusually fine, dandy, outstanding. Unfortunately, Mom was using the term sarcastically.

Kitties Blue Misty May gets blood drawn.Misty May gets the prize for best kitty, which surprised both our humans. She had everything completed, including a blood draw for the senior panel. She barely struggled and didn’t make a peep. We won’t mention the caterwauling that occurred while we were shut in the kitchen prior to Dr. Neel’s arrival.

Lily Olivia gets put into time-out during annual round-up of Kitties Blue.Lily Olivia gets the prize for worst patient EVER! She struggled, fought, growled and smacked Mom upside the head…HARD! Her legs were flailing around like one of those whirly-gig thingies in the wind. In spite of all that, she had her exam. Good news is that her heart murmur is unchanged. Everything else looked good as well. She got her vaccinations and a portion of her pawticure before all “H” really broke out. The purrito wrap was unsuccessful, and she was banished to time-out. Mom saturated Lily and the PTU in Spirit Essences Stress Stopper. When the round-up was complete, Dr. Neel and Tamika took Lily Olivia with them. We were all cheering, “That’ll teach her.”

She started out bamboozling everyone at the vets’ office by being the perfect angel—nothing like what Dr. Neel described as her behavior at home. But then the calico revealed her true spots and turned into an unholy terror. Dr. Neel did manage to complete Lily Olivia’s pawticure and get her blood drawn. She then spent the remainder of her day at the vet’s office. Dr. Neel returned her to us at the end of the day on her way home after work. We kitties were all disappointed. We didn’t know she was coming back!

She proved today that she is still a feisty fireball of feline fierceness even at 17. As Dad says with a chuckle, “It’s amazing that a seven and one-half pound cat can best three adults.”

Mauricio hides behind Fiona during annual Kitties Blue round-up.Mauricio was a big baby and didn’t act anything like the brave Cat Scout he claims to be. He tried to hide under the top of the island behind itty bitty Fiona. But he didn’t escape. Barely into his blood draw, he jerked and and dislodged the needle. As he needs a dental cleaning, he’ll be heading to vet office soon and will have his senior panel blood draw then.

Mauricio during annual Kitties Blue round-up. The remainder of us were less than happy about the proceedings, but we didn’t  fuss too much. We basically didn’t mind having exams and vaccinations but squirmed and writhed during our pawticures. We are pawsitive having our weapons of mass destruction blunted goes against our Universal Bill of Rights for All Cats.

Dr. Neel wasn’t able to bring a scale from the office this time so our dad tried to do our weigh-ins with the digital scale he uses. We’re not sure he got his math right when subtracting his weight from that of man plus cat. If the numbers are accurate, Mauricio and Giulietta are pleased to report they lost weight, while C.J. and Lisbeth are in denial. They claim it is entirely impossible for them to be the two heaviest Kitties Blue. We think we heard Mom guffawing in the background. She’s watched their foodables thievery, and she’s tried to lift each of them!

Here’s a few more photos from our ordeal.

Annual Kitties Blue round-up collage.

Clockwise from upper left: Giulietta has her toothies examined; C.J. is ready to bolt; Lisbeth is poked and prodded; Astrid doesn’t realize Dr. Neel can’t see her stink eye.

So that’s all folks, until we get the results of Misty May’s and Lily’s blood work and Mauricio gets hauled away for his dental.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo