I was very busy yesterday writing a Morality Tale in the form of a poem for Cat Scouts. It’s been pretty quiet at Campfire lately, so I thought efurrybuddy could use a story. The story is printed below the photo if you have any interest in reading it. Writing it was a lot of work as was telling it at Campfire, so I am taking it easy in my dad’s lap today. Hope you all are having a snoozy Easy.

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The Story of Tuxie Cat Horace

There once was a tuxie named Horace,
Who ventured one day to the forest.
He wanted to explore just like a Cat Scout
So went for a hike to figure out
The skills he might need to apply.
He identified some trees: elm, oak and maple,
Decided acorns and syrup aren’t a cat staple.
He met a robin and mouthy mockingbird,
The latter not letting him say even a word
Without copying and repeating each one.
Next came a fox, rabbit and chipmunk
Until finally he met an aggressive skunk.
Being a tuxie, he was sure it was a relative
But then he got a really good smell of it
And headed for home on the run.
Then abruptly a terribly bad thing took place,
He realized he was all turned around in the space.
He’d forgotten his compass and no stars were in sight.
He was definitely lost and confused by his plight
And could only wring his paws in distress.
But all of a sudden, he perked up his ears
And tried desperately to brush away his tears.
He saw a huge troop of Worldwide Wildcats,
Singing and marching and all wearing hats
With bright lights attached to the brims.
It was then he became acutely aware
That to be a Cat Scout he would need to purrpare
For any event that might ever occur.
So as he went to their fire to warm his chilled fur,
The helpful Cat Scouts finally heard Horace purr.
Today, Horace is home where he’s warm and safe.
He’s decided that Cat Scouts maybe must wait
Until he has practiced some Cat Scouting skills
‘Cause he learned that scouting takes more than just will.
To be a Cat Scout you must be purrpared.
© Bobcat Mauricio Blue
December 7, 2013