With Christmas quickly approaching, packages have been arriving at our front door efurryday, well except Sundays, of course! As the humans eschew going to the mall*, especially anytime after Thanksgiving, they do their shopping for the holidays and most other times on-line.

Image 2This pleases all of us ’cause it means lots of boxes in which to take our easy. This Sunday is my turn to show you how I intend to spend the day. The only thing that would make me happier is if this box was setting on the heated kitchen floor and not the counter top. Maybe, if I am lucky, Mom will turn on the toaster oven behind me and warm me up a little.

Image 1-002

Have an Easy Sunday, dear friends. Purrs and hugs, Calista Josette

* Mom says that MALL is a four-letter word as far as she is concerned. And unfortunately, she actually has been to one mall twice cause her glasses broke and had to be replaced, and the other one once ’cause sometimes she is just plumb crazy!