So I decided for my easy to take a page out of Binga’s (my look-alike) and Boodie’s (Sparkle’s meowmates) Nap Book and use the Play Circuit for my lazy afternoon. Of course, I had to wait for Mom to finish disturbing me with all that darn clicking and flashing before I could even close my eyes.

I do not understand why the humans think everything we do (except for the projectile hurling, which can be very creative) is so cute that it requires being recorded and shared across the whole planet. We’re all just doing what every other cat in every other household is doing.

I even gave her my laser zombie eyes, and she still took my photo. Sheeesh…you’d think we kitties could get some peace and alone time at least once in a while.

I really do want to return to my snoozing, so without further ado, or doo-doo for that matter, here I am.

"Mommy, may I please take a nap now"

“Mommy, may I please take a nap now?”

Purrs and hugs, Astrid