Though Mom held out on us as far as the toys go, we got something so cool in the mail last week.

Mom bid on a Ham-mick at the auction for MaxMaxx and won. She then got to pick the fabric for it, and before we knew it, there it was on our doorstep.

Checking out the Ham-mick and getting our nip on.

Giulietta, Mauricio, Lisbeth and Fiona checking out the Ham-mick and getting their nip on.

When Dad brought the box in the house, we noticed that it had been badly damaged. And Dad said that he saw our neighbor cat, Sparky, chewing on it. The hole in the box was quite large so we assumed the package also had been damaged in the mail. We were really surprised and ecstatic when she opened the box ’cause none of the Ham-mick pieces had fallen out.

More inspection.

More inspection with Calista Jo joining in.

As soon as she laid everything out on the kitchen counter, we attacked. You see, nip was sprinkled everywhere inside the package. When Mom discovered this she examined the box further and realized all the damage to the box had been cat inflicted by Sparky…with maybe some help from Misty May or Mauricio, who had been hanging out on the porch as well. They’re keeping their traps shut as their birthdays are coming, and they don’t want to miss out on any treats or presents.

Lisbeth on the bed with Calista, Misty May and Giulietta wondering when they will get a turn.

Lisbeth on the bed with Calista, Misty May and Giulietta wondering when they will get a turn.

Mom put that Ham-mick together lickety-split and put it in the foyer. Lisbeth immediately claimed it for herself. But most of us are finding it quite to our liking as well, including Giulietta, Fiona, Calista Jo and Mauricio. Neither Astrid nor Lily will sleep that close to the floor fearing they will be attacked. And Misty May prefers the human’s bed.

We have added Ham-micks to our list for Santa Claws ’cause when we are all stuck in the house this winter, it sure would be nice to have more than one. And extra nip coming in the mail is always appreciated.

Lisbeth relaxing and Giulietta enjoying the nip.

Lisbeth relaxing and Giulietta enjoying the nip.

P.S. Please visit HH and the Boys today. Our angel, Madison, is #8 in HH’s (Lou Belcher’s) current 30 in 30 days cat paintings. When mom saw a photo of the painting yesterday, it took her breath away. She says it looked as if the real-life Madison was staring back at her. She’s been wanting a portrait of Madison since he went to the Rainbow Bridge. She was so excited about Lou’s ability to capture Madison’s look and personality that she has purchased the painting!

Lisbeth: "Mine all mine, finally!"

Lisbeth: “Mine all mine, finally!”

P.P.S. if you haven’t marked your calendar yet, please add a big, smiley, cat face for the 17th. That’s when Mauricio and Misty May will be celebrating their ninth birthdays. Mom has planned a GIGANTIC surprise for that day. It is really impawtant that we have lots of visitors and Mom knows you will want to tell all your friends. She’s even going to allow us to let the cat out of the bag (that better not be a new cat coming to live with us…we do not consider that an appropriate birthday present) as to the actual surprise a couple of days early. So keep checking back with us whenever you can.

Lisbeth: "Yippee, all those other cats have backed-off, and I can finally get my easy on."

Lisbeth: “Yippee, all those other cats have backed-off, and I can finally get my easy on.”

P.P.P.S. (Just how much pee do we need to put in this post?) You know those toys and treats Mom was holding back? She let us have a little green mousie with a fev-vered tail. And she let Maggie give us that entire bag of treats while she and Dad were away for a few days. We’re still ticked off that they left us again, and we weren’t very good while they were away (fodder for another post we suspect), but we sure did enjoy the extra noms.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo