Caturday Art


A bathing tabby cat is turned into art in the colors of lavender and brown and tan with the Dusky Floral effect from Painnt.


I snapped this photo of Audrey while she was bathing after playing with the new toy from the Cat Lady box. The playtime photo I shared on Thursday in the post, “Trapped & a Thankful Audrey.”

I am a creature of habit and went back to the Painnt app again for this effect. It is called Dusky Floral. And, of course, the frame is from the favpng app.

Here’s a puzzle for those of you, like me, who enjoy them.

preview110pieceArtful Tabby Cat

Audrey is joining the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by the lovely Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. If you’d like to do the same, click on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Another week has flown by, and it’s time to think about getting your selfie snapped for tomorrow’s blog hop.  As usual, I have no idea which of the Kitties Blue will be here to greet you. I’ll probably be following at least a couple of them around today to try to catch one of them off guard! Whomever is here, as well as all the other Kitties Blue will be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping in to see us today. We all wish you have a wonderful Caturday!