Sunday Selfies: Week #472

I thought I might have to spend Caturday chasing Kitties Blue around the catio in an attempt to coerce one of them into taking a selfie. Kizmet, however, obliged by snapping one while sitting on the back of her dad’s chair.

Dr. Jekyll and Kitty Hyde: Grey cat is conflicted with one eye giving the stink eye and one helicopter ear. Circular photo surrounded by a flower frame in pinks, purples and grays.

I am not certain what was going on with Kizmet.  She has one normal eye and ear and one stink eye and helicopter ear. It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Kitty Hyde. Purrhaps she was conflicted as to whether or not she should snap a selfie. In spite of this unusual inconsistency of expression, I am delighted that Kizmet agreed to be your host today.

Hopping Time

Now that Kizmet has shared her selfie, it’s you turn. The kitties and I are aware that this is a holiday weekend, and you may be busy with your peeps. Or, they may be off somewhere celebrating without you. If either is the case, it is not a problem. The hop is open through Thursday.

Once you have link up, have an easy Sunday or an easy whatever day it is.

As always, Kitties Blue and I appreciate your joining us, following, commenting and being our friends.