Image 1FIONA: Hey, get your big butt off the ham-mick. I’m trying to enjoy an Easy Sunday.

GIULIETTA: Did you just say I have a big butt?

FIONA: Well yeah, I’m staring right at it. Besides, I was here first.

Image 3

GIULIETTA: No you weren’t, I was.

FIONA: In you dreams, Big Butt.

GIULIETTA: Quit calling me that. My butt is not big, it’s floofy!


FIONA: In your dreams, again.

GIULIETTA: Why don’t you just shut up, or neither of us will even get a chance to have an Easy Sunday or spend any time in dreamland.

FIONA: Mom, Giulietta won’t get off the ham-mick.

Image 2

MOM: Not my problem, Fiona.

FIONA: But Mom.

MOM: You know if she gets off, you’re just going to follow her. The two of you always sleep together.

Image 4

FIONA: Can we get a bigger ham-mick?

MOM: It wouldn’t be able to support both of you.

FIONA: Fine, I guess I’m going to sleep. No snoring or farting out of you Big Butt.

Image 5