Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Today’s inspirational photo for Two Spoiled Cats, Teddy and Angel Sammy’s, poetry challenge wasn’t overly inspiring for me. I probably could ave turned the writing duties over to Mauricio, and he would have come up with something amusing. Unfortunately, he (along with Cooper Murphy) was too busy writing a report and taking a test at Cat Scout University about hummingbirds. Boys got 100% on their test.



I whimped out and only have a haiku for you today.

Is that a spot there?
I looks like a speck of dust.
Do you think it’s art?

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Thankful Thursday

Recently, we’ve been doing pretty well on the Tuesday Teaser over at Two Spoiled Cats, which is unusual for us. Yesterday, however, was our best day ever with a double win. We are really thankful for this extra special badge from Professors Teddy and Angel Sammy. We’d also like to thank the Teaser Cheer Team for a most excellent cheer.

Wowzers…we didn’t expect this! It will get a place of honor on our sidebar.



Mom and Dad are thankful for some progress on the addition. Both the tile and hardwood floors have been laid. The bathroom cabinets have been installed and the tub surround is complete. Tiling is in process in the shower, and the siding installers finally arrived yesterday. Painters also were here yesterday.

Here’s a few progress photos.


Siding going on above the garage. This isn’t the final color. It will be painted.


Completed tub surround with shower in progress.


Shower with build-in bench.


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