When I came upon this sight yesterday you could have knocked me over with a feather toy. Fiona only sleeps with her sister, Giulietta. She will snuggle up with her dad or me but rarely to sleep. She wants attention and will bulldoze our hands with her nose until she gets it.

Misty May only sleeps with her dad, using his chest as her pillow, or with me as my head adornment or face muff.

Fiona kept her back to Misty May the entire time as if she didn’t exist. Misty May never did catch on to Fiona snuggling up to her as Fiona came and went without Misty May awakening. Now that’s a sound sleeper!

DoozySnoozy Fiona & MM


DoozySnoozy Fiona & MM


DoozySnoozy Fiona & MM

This doozy of a snoozy took place during the middle of the day when the kitties came inside to escape the heat. You’d think that would discourage any snuggling, but they are cats after all, which makes them predictably unpredictable.

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I didn’t want to interrupt the snuggling by turning on the overhead light and awakening Misty May.

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